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Overcoming Borders - Grenzen überwinden

International Youth Circus exchange

27.06. – 08.07.2018


The topic „Overcoming Borders“, chosen by the young people themselves, is a big aspect in the social circus. „Overcoming boundaries“, not just the geographical boundaries, but much more the personal, interpersonal and acrobatic boundaries. Also, experiences of growth through leaving one’s own comfort zone and the challenge of finding one’s place in society, which is characterized by a great variety of individual opportunities, but also by high social inequality, concern the topic mentioned above. The appeal to „overcome boundaries“ will be a cognitive and creative thread and the subject of active confrontation during the youth encounter. No one alone, all together – this is Social Circus and this year again, over 80 young people will be welded together.

„Du bist deine eigene Grenze, erhebe dich darüber.“

– Hafis, Berlin 1877

Die Zirkusschulen

Circus in Beweging

The „Cirkus in Beweging“ is an open house for Circus education. The Belgian Children’s and Youth Circus School, founded in Flanders in 1993 as one of the first circus schools, today teaches 950 students in a wide range of artistic disciplines. In educational and artistic units will be the fun of the game as well as the development of the entire person

Palestinian Circus School

The Palestinian Circus School was established in 2006 and teaches circus in Birzeit and in other cities like Jenin, Hebron, Ramallah and Al Fara refugee camp. The aim is to develop the creative potential of young people in Palestine to engage them, empowering them to strengthen their identity, and enter into a constructive and positive dialogue with each other and with their society. The school offers a safe space where people meet in equality. The goal is to overcome the divisions within society by working with everybody, everywhere. Bringing people together in the trainings and traveling all over the country with their shows challenges the multiple boundaries (such as political, geographical, economic, religous, gender) that Palestinians face. The Palestinian Circus School encourages the development of a new form of cultural expression, and a new generation of artists in Palestine. An art form that is dynamic, experimental and aimed at challenging traditional perceptions of arts and artistic interaction. The school is an open space for creativity on all levels, enhancing a strong participation of all people involved: students, trainers, volunteers and the community at large.


Sirkus Magenta

Sirkus Magenta is a social circus established in 2011 by a group of friends & circus enthusiasts wanting to use circus as a tool for social change. We have grown in 6 years from having just 2 circus activities to a vibrant and mixed group of about 20 circus artists, pedagogues, engineers, clowns and acrobats teaching circus and what-not, even life-skills to about 400 recreational participants from babies to adults and about 200 social circus participants every week!

Although the recreational activities are larger in the volume of people, the latter is why we exist. We have witnessed the power of circus as a social tool. Through it we can teach for example socially anxious youngsters to dare to look each other in the eye, someone at risk of social exclusion to trust themselves and others again, and get refugees and the Finnish elderly to work hand-in-hand and understand each other even without a common language.

One of our biggest accomplishments ever is a circus school at a refugee camp in Jordan that we started in 2013 in collaboration with a Finnish NGO, Finn Church Aid. The circus school has now been running for over 4 years, the classes taught by the young Syrian refugees who we trained to become circus teachers. The school has brought joy to hundreds if not thousands of Syrian refugee children and young adults living in the dire conditions of the refugee camp.

L´Ateneu popular 9 barris

L’Ateneu Popular 9 Barris‘ is a sociocultural centre that is managed by a collective. Since its foundation at the end of the 70s the centre has been active in social circus. The main principles of the centre are: democracy/horizontality, transparency, the right to and the accessibility of culture, territorial proximity and autonomy. The centre has a children’s and a teenage circus school that each have different classes. Their focus is: the development of artistic creativity, the development of psychomotor capacities, the capacity for interhuman relationships, freedom of speech and expression, creative and non consumption-oriented free time use, collective dynamics and the promotion of social cohesion.


Circus Bambini

The Circus Bambini was founded in 1988 as part of the children’s and youth culture work in the Stadtteilkulturzentrum Bürgerhaus Mahndorf. In 1989 the Circus Bambini organized the first Youth Circus Festival in Bremen. Since 1992, the Circus Bambini has been involved in organizing and conducting the International Youth Circus Festival, which takes place every three years in Bremen. Circus Bambini has participated in countless festivals at home and abroad, four of them in the Latvian capital Riga alone. At the moment, 45 children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 32 are working on the 3 weekdays in the community center. The shared success of performances welds the young artists into a solid social community in which they take all responsibility for each other. In 2013, the Circus Bambini celebrated its 25th anniversary.promoted. Great emphasis is placed on the connection of the individual, the social, the sporty and the creative. In Bremen, the group „Caroussel“ will present a show with acrobatics, juggling and swinging movement.

Circusschool Jokes

The Circusschool JOKES is located in Bremen, Germany and consists of 26 school-based and non-school-based projects,
mostly focusing on the districts Neustadt, Huckelriede und Bremen-Mitte in their work.
Every week over 400 young people between the ages of 4 and 20 come together to train different circus disciplines and
learn about other visual arts such as dance and theatre.
In our classes young people have the oppurtunity to discover their interests and have fun with unusual and artistic movements,
since we offer them training in all the main circus disciplines, for example acrobatics, juggling, trapeze and drama.
All the young people in our circusschool have the oppurtunity to present themselves and their skills on a stage at least once a year.
Diversity and involvement are essential parts of our work, we want our more experienced students to not only be part of the courses,
but encourage them to actively create their own shows and acts.
Same for ‚Bridges for youth‘. A group of young artists is creating their own show with the help of our trainers.
Also involved in our show and with us at the festival will be a group of young refugees, who participate in our weekly classes.



Circus Fiffix

The „Circus Fiffix“ was founded in 2011 and is part of the Bremen sports club Grambke-Oslebshausen. Currently, about 80 children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 14 train weekly in a wide variety of circus disciplines such as vertical cloth, ball run, unicycle and slackline. The show group of the circus Fiffix consists of about 30 artists and had their biggest ever appearance on the club’s own SVGO Advent gala. This year, for the first time, the group studied their own show called „Yes we can“. Until the autumn, the show will be shown at various events in and around Bremen. The circus Fiffix is ​​represented at the festival with three participants and will present a part of the current show there.


TohuwabohuThe Circus Theater Tohuwabohu is an offer of the Bürgerhaus Bremen-Vegesack since 1988.What started with barely 20 young people at the time is now a huge project involving more than 165 children and adolescents aged between 1.5 and 25 years. In different groups there is training from Monday to Friday with different age and main topics.
The members of the circus theater Tohuwabohu come mostly from the districts Vegesack, Aumund and Grohn, but some also from further, e.g. from Blumenthal, St. Magnus or even Ritterhude and Osterholz- Scharmbeck. Circus Tohuwabohu trains children and adolescents from different social strata, with reduced contributions for low-income families and families with many children. While the youngest children are offered creative exercise programs to get to know their own body and their own abilities, the older children are given various skills.
The aim of the circus is to let the creative potential of children and adolescents unfold in its „Room for New Circus Theater Art“. The offerings of circus, theater, dance and artistic creation offer a wide field for experiments and improvisations in which motor, sensitive, psychic, social and cognitive skills can be demanded and promoted. These aspects are linked to the most important factor „fun“. At the Circus Theater Tohuwabohu the overarching goal is the joint development of an annual Christmas gala. Each child can decide freely whether they want to be active. If you do not want this, there is a responsible task „behind the curtain“, e.g. Prop master, sound engineer, someone holding the curtain, …

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